Metan Divi Multipurpose Child Theme

We have designed the theme in mind it has to be fast, conversion proof, and responsive for all devices and guess what? We did it. Finally, we have an amazing modern Divi metan child theme you can use on unlimited websites and on client websites.

Responsive pages

Header Design

Footer Design

Gtmetrix Performance

Responsive Homepages

Responsive design has been always our priority as most of the users use the mobile phone to view the website, Metan Divi child theme is 100% responsive for all the devices.

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 1

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 2

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 3

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 4

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 5

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 6

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 7

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 8

Live Demo ➜

Homepage 9

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Homepage 10

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Homepage 11

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Homepage 12

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Homepage 13

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Homepage 14

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Homepage 15

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Homepage 16

Inner Pages

Have a look at the inner pages, how nicely they are done, all the inner pages have a different design but also they give the same look and feel across all the pages.

About Us Style 1

About Us Style 2

About Us Style 3

Our History

Team Style 1

Team Style 2

Team Style 3

Team Style 4

Members Details

Our Services

Single Service


Career Details

Contact Style 1

Contact Style 2

Contact Style 3

Contact Style 4

Faq Style 1

Faq Style 2

Testimonials Style 1

Testimonials Style 2

Testimonials Style 3

Testimonials Style 4

Pricing Style 1

Pricing Style 2

404 Page

Portfolio Grid View 1

Portfolio Grid View 2

Portfolio Grid View 3

Portfolio Grid View 4

Portfolio Carousel

Portfolio Details

Blog Default Fullwidth

Blog Default Left Sidebar

Blog Default Right Sidebar

Blog Grid Fullwidth

Blog Grid Left Sidebar

Blog Grid Right Sidebar

Blog List View Fullwidth

Blog List View Left Sidebar

Blog List View Right Sidebar

Blog Carousel

Shop Style 1

Shop Style 2

Product Details


My Account


With 16 homepages we have designed 16 different headers so you can get a variety of options and not limited to just 1 or 2, even if you want you can use a different header for a different page.


As with headers, we have designed 16 footers so you can choose 1 which fits your design or needs. With Divi Awesome don’t be limited to 1.


If you face any issue with the theme or if you have any questions or any difficulty changing the theme, our support is always there to help you.

Greatly Advantageous Features

Much more than what you expect from this Divi child theme, using one-click import, use the demo, change the pics, logo, colors, and present it to your client or use for your own purpose.


Modern Design

We have used modern colors, text, and good-quality images.

Awesome Support

You will love the support I am sure, any problem just 1 message.

100% Responsive Design

Our priority is 100% responsive for sure, and we did it.

Easy Demo Import

Easy 1 click demo import, we have well-structured docs.

Amazing Functionalities

With parallax, hover effects, shop, blog, portfolio and more.

Clean Code

Easily you can understand the code as there are comments.

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